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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

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As Dubai is witnessing greater advancements in its real estate sector, the scope of becoming a real estate agent is increasing day by day. Also, the real estate business setup in Dubai has seen a great boom. In the blog ‘How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai’, we see the major steps involved in becoming a real estate agent in Dubai along with the role a real estate agent plays in their sector. 

Dubai Real Estate Market – An Overview

Nowadays, Dubai, with all its splendor and attitude towards investments, attracts foreign investors and others who are interested in the prospering real estate market. Fueled by vibrant business exemplified by tourism, trade, and finance, the city has a sturdy economic base for real estate expansion.

In this advancing world, Dubai continues to win investors over with its updating initiatives and future-oriented policies. From visa regulation relaxation to the establishment of long-term residency programs, the government made it clear that its commitment is to nurturing a foreign investment-friendly environment. With the continuous rise and strong demand, Dubai’s real estate market is the best place for one looking to invest in a market that is growing and has many opportunities. Dubai’s market is not limited to residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, and investors are welcome to be part of the shared history of prosperity and progress.

Major Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

The following are the major steps that you should know well before preparing to become a real estate agent or preparing to start a real estate company in Dubai.

Acquire a Residency Visa

The first step in actually becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is the requirement of obtaining a residence visa. However, UAE citizens, GCC nationals, and expatriates can apply for licenses; if a person has a valid residency permit, the latter must be present during the license issuance process. This can be obtained through employer sponsorship or a spouse securing and obtaining a residency visa from his employment in Dubai as a spouse. Moreover, Emirates ID is a must-have for procedures of this nature.

Complete DREI Certified Training

Having a residential visa, one must move on further by taking the DREI training course. Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers, a thorough four-day course approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), provides valuable information about Dubai’s property market.


Once the RERA instruction is finished, aspiring agents must take an RERA registration exam as a written exam. The exam’s cost varies according to the educational background, for bachelor’s degree holders pay AED 3200 and non-degree holders pay AED 6300. It may be manageable for one to ace the exam with diligent preparation, but one usually requires a bachelor’s degree to avail better career opportunities in the long run.

Secure Your your Real Estate Agent License

The RERA test passers afterward, submit their application for the real estate agent license. To register as a company with RERA, relevant documents such as training certificates, exam results, and a good conduct certificate from Dubai Police will have to be submitted. After the qualification, candidates are issued with a real estate broker’s license that is valid for a year and could be renewed, if there is successful participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

What is the Role of a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Well, knowing the steps to become a real estate agent may not be enough if you are someone who is looking towards that career. Since you have to know what role a real estate agent plays in Dubai, we are here with it.

Market Knowledge

Among other skills, Dubai’s realtors constantly follow the market trends, the values of properties, and also new building projects. They scrutinize information and look for movements in demand and supply levels to offer clients facts and guidance that depict the market situation. The fact that they have a great insight into the real estate market issues, makes them the best advisors to homeowners who would like to buy, sell, or lease their property.

Client Representation

Serving their clients as advocates, real estate agents in Dubai would not rest until the transaction is completed and their client’s interests are protected throughout the process. They make the clients’ interests the priority, representing their clients at the bargaining table to ensure the greatest arrangement for them. Be it a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, the agents of their choice will go as far as they need to do to achieve the outcome that favors their clients’ interests.

Property Marketing

Real estate agents in Dubai use many marketing instruments such as property displays and open houses to catch the interest of available buyers or tenants. This may include featured photography, virtual tours, staging, and digital marketing campaigns ranging from social media networks to different targeted platforms. The real estate agents make full use of every available resource to help listings achieve maximum exposure, which in turn creates interest among potential home buyers and ensures a smooth transaction.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is one of the essential elements of a realtor’s job in the Dubai region. Beforehand, skilled negotiators and agents can effortlessly get to the next level of discussions with counterparts to garner better terms and to have better conditions for their clients. Whether through bargaining price, terms, or a sale lease agreement, an agent uses their market knowledge and communication tools to acquire the best outcome while simultaneously staying professional and ideally behaved.

Legal Compliance

The sale of real estate in Dubai is regulated and legally limited by a panel of formal rules and legal requirements. Companies’ agents are responsible for conforming to these laws whose task is to take a client through the complexities of contracts, complete documentation, and coordination procedures. Through being updated with legal changes and following ethical codes, agents avoid possible risks and, consequently, ensure their client’s rights are secured during the whole home purchase procedure.

Transaction Management

From opening the inquiry to closing the deal, real estate agents in Dubai look after every step of the transactions. They understand the market, they coordinate the property viewing, they facilitate inspections, they handle paperwork, and they walk with you as you engage with different parties like lawyers, lenders, and government authorities. Through complete transaction management services, agents guarantee their clients are not penalized and no time is wasted from the beginning to the end.

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